This is the best sweet recipe I have ever invented. And that is really saying something. So maybe these dates aren’t the most local thing we have seen on The Vegie Trail, but sometimes deliciousness trumps everything else.
You will need:
300g medjool dates
300g raw almonds (or other nuts)
500g shredded coconut
a few tablespoons of honey
A note on ingredients: this only works with medjool dates, as they’re juicier and just generally better than the other types. You could get away with desiccated coconut, but shredded looks and tastes better. And if you’re going to use heated, filtered, commercial honey, you might as well use sugar syrup and then have a pack of cigarettes. Get some proper organic cold-filtered honey – nature’s sweet little antibiotic.
1) Put half of the coconut in a large baking tray and toast at 170 for about ten minutes, until very lightly browned. Remove to a very large flat bowl.
2) Meantime, either pulse the nuts in a food processor, or chop them very finely.
3) Pit and chop the dates very roughly.
4) Place the dates, almonds, raw coconut and honey in a large bowl. Then mix it all violently, with your CLEAN hands. The sticky fibrousness of the dates is what holds it all together, along with the honey.
5) Then, taking a tiny piece – think about a shot glass full – roll roughly into a ball, then roll through the toasted coconut, and remove to a plate.
These are dessert. They are breakfast. Your children’s recess snack. They are pretty much everything you need to live.