Apples! Citrons! Wax!

Considerable variation in last week’s apples. The ugly ones – as you’re probably figuring out by now – were the better of the two. Yay organics!

Meantime, the citrus are coming on from Tim and family in Peats Ridge. Eureka lemons (thick-skinned for the Australian climate), Tahitian limes, Washington navels, and mandarins are all abundant right now.  Lime season in particular doesn’t last long, so Tim reckons that short of freezing the juice into ice trays, the best way to keep them is to throw them whole into a bag in the freezer, then grate them from frozen as needed – skin and all – the same way that you’d use ginger – so that it can be margarita season all year round. This week we had Satsuma mandarins (almost seedless; easy-to-peel, sweet and a little sour), next week will be Fina mandarins (more seeds, tighter peel, but very sweet).

You will also notice that the citrus skin goes a bit leathery after a few days sitting in the fruit bowl, just as apples, pears, kiwis and other fruits can become wrinkled. This is perfectly normal, and is due to the fact that my farmers – and any serious organic/chemical-free farmers – don’t polish their fruit, or spray it with wax. They pick it off the tree, I collect it from them, and bring it to you. Even in this state, you will notice that if you peel/bite into it, the fruit is normally still in great shape – because it is only a few days old, unlike sprayed/waxed fruit – which by the time it starts to look bad is dry and tasteless on the inside.