Bubble and Squeak

Assorted Vegetables

I believe you know what to do first, tonight. Saute the cavolo nero with garlic, and serve this with mashed Dutch Cream potatoes, and our organic pork and beetroot sausages for dinner. Pretty good, right? But tomorrow morning at breakfast is where it really pays off.

You will need:
an ear of corn
a bunch of sauteed cavolo nero and garlic
leftover mashed Dutch Cream potatoes
olive oil, or butter, or both
an egg
herbs from your garden (parsley? marjoram?)

1) Using your hands, mix the sautéed greens through the mash, adding an egg to bind (or two if it’s still dry), as well as the herbs, salt, and the corn. Just slice the kernels off the cob and mix them through. The corn won’t cook much, so it will be crunchy and sweet.

2) Heat a wide, heavy pan to medium. When it’s hot, add the oil. When that is hot, add handfuls of the potato mixture. Place them in the pan and press them down once. Do not stir. Do not move around. In fact, do not touch until it is time to flip it (about 3 minutes, but use your nose), otherwise you’ll end up with potato sludge and the pan will be impossible to clean.

3) Flip, and cook on the other side. Done!

Serve with scrambled eggs, and sliced fresh tomato. And possibly bacon.