Chilled Beetroot and Cucumber Soup

Is it Lithuanian Saltibarsciai? Is it Polish Chlodnik? I guess we’ll never know. But it’s strikingly refreshing
and cleansing. Naturally this is a Vegie Trail-style adaptation.
You will need:
a large beetroot
2 cucumbers
salt and pepper
dill, chives or parsley
optional: chicken stock, sour cream, boiled eggs
1) Chop the top and bottom off the beetroot and peel, then cut into smallish pieces.
2) Blend these pieces briefly in the food processor, adding pieces of cucumber, as well as
the herbs and seasoning, adding a little water or stock to reach a thick consistency. Do not mix more than necessary.
3) Place in the fridge for several hours, or overnight.
4) Serve chilled, with a garnish of sour cream and herbs, or finely chopped boiled eggs.
Traditionally the beets are boiled, but who has time? Plus: the colour is much better
with raw beetroot. Buttermilk (or kefir) can be used as the liquid, too.