Christmas Gourmet Meats

Cooking for Christmas – The Vegie Trail Gourmet Meats

We are really excited about Christmas this year and all the fine dining with family and friends that goes with it. We have put together a Christmas meat list to make your festivities easy, fresh and traditional and adventurous, but most of all, YUM!

Large Black Free-Range organic, chemical free Christmas ham on the bone 8-12kg approx. Available in halves. $25.99/kg

Leadoux Free Range, Chemical & Hormone free Whole Christmas Turkey 4kg approx. $28/kg

Medium Black Free Range, Chemical free Roasting Leg of Pork 7-9kg approx. Available in halves. $23/kg

Free Range, Chemical Free Boneless Pork Loin Stuffed with Dried Fruit and Nuts $32.99/kg

Open Range, Chemical Free Whole Duck 2kg $32ea

Organic Free Range Goose $45/kg

Free Range, Chemical Free Turducken $34.99/kg

Organic, Free Range Suckling Pork Roast $32/kg

Free Range, Chemical & Hormone Free Whole Chicken $18/kg

Organic Free Range Pork Belly $25/kg

All our regular Gourmet meats are available, please visit the website: for the pricelist

Delivery Dates: 21st & 22nd December. Orders must be received by Saturday 17th December.

Please call 0410 875 481 or email to order.