Garbanzos con Espinacas

Fun to say, good to eat, easy to make. It means chick peas and spinach, but I have substituted silverbeet, as it goes further, and it ultimately more subtle. But I don’t know how to say “silverbeet” in Spanish. Meanwhile, “new” “research” shows that vegetables and olive oil are good for you. Amazing.
You will need:
1 giant bunch of silverbeet
4 garlic cloves
a cup of dried chick peas, or two cans
half a cup of olive oil
optional: chilli, herbs
1) If you’re using dried chick peas, soak them overnight in a large bowl of water.
2) Next day, drain them, and add them to a large pot of salted boiling water. Boil vigorously for about 20 minutes. They tend to give off a strange smell while boiling. This is due to the science happening in the pot.
3) Wash the silverbeet, then slice it roughly, including most of the white stems (ensure you slice the stem thinly – it’s quite fibrous, so doesn’t readily break down).
4) Drain the chick peas, then add the oil and chopped garlic to the same large pot. Add the silverbeet a few seconds after, then stir, to stop the garlic burning. Add a little water if it’s too dry. Turn to a low simmer, add the parboiled chick peas, and cook for about 30-40 minutes, or until the greens are soft, and a chickpea can be easily crushed between thumb and middle finger.
Don’t be afraid to add more olive oil at the end, bearing in mind that this is about 10 serves of vegetables. It also makes it much more pleasantto eat with crusty bread the next day. Perhaps with a little Spanish omelette, some fried chorizo, a little manchego cheese, and some olives. Or just some sliced cheddar and a few crackers.