Julienne Daikon

What is that ridiculous-looking vegetable in your box? Biodynamic daikon, that’s what. It’s a giant radish
from Asia, where it’s very widely used. It has a milder flavour than other radishes, and lends itself to
pickling, stewing, and fresh grating. Even the green tops can be eaten, braised with garlic. But
this recipe will basically give you your salad for the week. And it has all the right colours.
You will need:
1 giant daikon
1 giant carrot
1/4 white cabbage
1 red onion
parsley or something else green
several cloves of garlic
vinegar or citrus juice
Optional: grated ginger
1) Scrub the daikon and carrots. Then shred finely (owing to the large quantities, a food processor
or mandolin slicer would be handy).
2) Shred the cabbage in the same way, then thinly slice the onion, and roughly chop the garlic.
3) Mix everything together in a very large bowl, adding salt, and more vinegar than oil (sharp is
good with this – the mild tasting vegetables can do with the addition or some zing).
Now, the important part is what you do with this. Eat it fresh like this today. Tomorrow, it might be
mayonnaised on a sandwich with some corned beef and mustard . Nighttime might see the
addition of grated ginger and red chillis. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, grate a
couple of potatoes into the mix, add a couple of beaten eggs, and fry as hash browns,
serving with organic bacon. Do not do all of these things consecutively.