Macerated Red Elk Mustard Salad

What is that crazy purply stuff in your bag? Red elk mustard, that’s what. It is indeed mustard-flavoured, with a bit of a rocket-like bite. For this reason it works both as a fresh leaf (where it stays quite firm) and
chopped and cooked. Maceration is somewhere in between, where “science” allows the enzymes to break down, makingthe plant more digestible. This recipe comes from Joey of the Jungle Brothers Gym. Thanks, little brother.
You will need:
1 bunch red elk mustard
half a bunch of shallots
1 lemon
olive oil
optional: thinly sliced fennel “bulb”
1) Wash the mustard, shake it dry, then roughly chop it into 2cm lengths.
2) Add a little salt, and crush the whole lot with your (clean) hands.
3) Now add oil and the juice of a lemon, and toss.
4) Finely slice the shallots (or spring onions, or whatever you prefer to call them) at an angle. Use both the white and the green parts.
5) Add to the salad, and toss. You’re ready to go. However, to allowthe enzymes in the leaves to break down fully, cover and leave in the fridge overnight. Or, eat it both tonight and tomorrow.
This will go nicely with your lamb rump roast, and a strong red (grenache, perhaps) that can stand up to both flavours.