Porphyra and Ruby

I suppose something comes over me occasionally when I’m ordering, so you end up getting a box full of purplish things. Very strange.

Still, put them all together, and that’s a very dramatic salad.

You will need:

a couple of beetroots
a kohlrabi (getting small – could be the last of the season)
1 purple sweet potato
1 purple onion
1 ruby grapefruit
olive oil
salt and pepper

1) Boil the sweet potato – whole or cut into chunks – for about 10 minutes, or
until soft when pricked with a knife. Dice, and add to a large bowl. Warm
or cool – it doesn’t matter.

2) Finely slice the red onion, add.

3) Scrub the beetroot (peeling is unnecessary, wasteful and messy. But go right ahead if you really must), and grate it, holding it by the top end.

4) Do peel the kohlrabi (thick skin is chewy), and grate.

5) Slice the top and the bottom off the grapefruit – this way it sits flat on your
chopping board, and you can see how much of the skin you need to cut off to get to the flesh. Slice off all the skin and pith from the outside.

6) Now: slice out each segment individually. This means making an incision adjacent to one side of the segment almost to the middle of the fruit, then making another incision along the other side, so the segment falls out (and into the salad). Repeat all the way around the fruit. You should be left with a star-shaped piece of grapefruit.

7) Squeeze this leftover piece of grapefruit over the bowl, then add an equal quantity of oil, and a little salt and pepper, then mix. This will be sharp, pungent, and delicious.

Serve with pork and beetroot sausages, cab sauv, and some of those tiny brussels sprouts fried whole in butter and garlic for 3 minutes – they can be eaten firm, even raw.