Salsa Fresca

This is perfect with my secret burrito recipe, but I haven’t given you that yet. Luckily it’s also good with second-rate burrito
recipes. Or as a topping for a steak or seafood. It can also simply be eaten as salad, and the leftovers go nicely with
eggs of any description in the morning, cutting through that buttery goodness.
You will need:
2 cucumbers
an ear of corn
3 or 4 roma tomatoes (small this week, but tasty)
1 red onion
2 little baby cloves of garlic (fiddly, but powerful)
olive oil
zest and juice of a lime
herbs from your garden (coriander is best; parsley a good substitute)
1) Slice the ends off the corn cob, and discard the husk. Then, balancing it on the thick end, slice the kernels off.
2) Quarter the cucumbers, then slice off some of the seedy part in the middle and discard (the seeds are slightly bitter, and make the salsa too watery). Then, placing the quarters together, chop across them as finely as possible (corn-kernel-size is what we’re after). Chop the tomatoes in the same fashion, as well as the onions. If you’re crying, you’re not doing it fast enough.
3) Add the juice of a lime, the zest (do invest in a zester – one of the only useful gadgets out there), the garlic, herbs, and just a little bit of oil – this should be quite acidic.
4) Mix well. Leave the flavours to infuse for a few minutes, then serve.