Slow-cooked Green Beans and Tomatoes

Assorted Vegetables
An excellent dish with some hummus and bread, or as a side to meat of any sort, and also delicious served cold the next day.
There is no secret to this dish – just cook it slowly and gently. Normally I do not advocate cooking vegies for this long, but this is an exception. And so easy.
You will need:
a handful or two of beans, topped and cut into 4cm lengths
an onion, thinly sliced
garlic, chopped
cherry tomatoes, halved
olive oil
salt and pepper
pumpkin, in 2cm dice (optional)
1) Fry the onion until brown, then add the garlic. If you’re a spicy kind of person, add paprika or chilli now. Cook for another minute.
2) Add everything else, reduce to a low simmer, and cook for 30 mins, or more.
*Traditional makers of lubiyeh (an Arabic version of this dish) may not agree, but pumpkin added with the tomatoes
give the dish some more bulk, and lends it sweetness and colour.