Yammy Potato Cakes

I hosted brunch on the weekend, because that’s the sort of thing you’re meant to do when you’re part of the Youth Food Movement. Little did they realise that I’m middle-aged. Anyway, potato cakes: a bit of work, but delicious.


You will need:

one potato per person

one sweet potato

a handful of New Zealand Yams, or Oca. (Jerusalem Artichokes would go very nicely too)

an onion or two

herbs from your garden

pepper and salt, maybe some ground coriander

two to five eggs, depending on how eggy you like things


1) Scrub your tuber collection, then grate them all into a very large colander (a mandolin

or food processor is handy).


2) In small handfuls, squeeze the liquid out of the vegies.


3) Add sliced onions, pepper, salt, herbs and eggs, and mix it all together.


4) Turn the oven on to 160 or so, and have a large pan ready inside.


5) Heat a very large frypan, then fill it with too much oil (olive or sunflower) and add handfuls of potato mix to the hot oil. Don’t overcrowd the pan. Don’t have the heat too low. Don’t make the cakes too big. Everything should be just so.


6) Turn the cakes once. This is more challenging than it seems. An apron is a good idea, and don’t be afraid to try the double spatula manoeuvre.


7) After a couple of minutes on each side, allow excess oil to drip off, then place them in the tray in the oven, where they will continue to cook through, but slowly.


8) When they’re all done, you can use the pan to heat up your bacon, possibly with some halved brussels sprouts, and some poached eggs.


This is fatty and delicious, so something to cut through the richness is good: if you’ve got that daikon leftover from last week, grate it and dress with white vinegar and a little salt.